A downloadable Inertial Bash for Windows

An arcade-style hack-and-slash action game, Inertial Bash features a momentum based attack system with an innovative use of the mouse, customisable weapon builds and an environment littered with destructive possibilities to destroy your foes. In an industrial steampunk world, engineer Amos Rogerson makes a disquieting discovery. Robots being built by his factory have become self-aware and begun to attack every human they come across. Using various parts found around the factory Amos must battle his way through the hordes to prevent them from escaping and running rampant across the world.

Install instructions

1:Double click on the installer. 2:Follow the instructions on screen. 3:Start the game up from the start menu or the game folder. (You can create an desktop icon for faster access)


Inertial Bash 40 MB